Ekaterina and #NTIF2018

 Written 18 december, 2018

Hi, my name is Ekaterina. I’m from Russia and I would like to share my emotions from this conference with you.

So, I took part in the translation forum in Russia named TFR in August 2018. I’ve met Anne-Marie there. She is really funny and interesting person. We had a special party there. Suddenly, in the middle of our party she said that she needed one person who had birthday on November 21 (it’s the starting day of NTIF 2018). I couldn’t believe because it was me! I put my hand up and she said that I won the opportunity to participate in this conference free! It was really unexpected!

Finally, November came and I arrived to Norway at my birthday. It was my first time in Europe. At that evening we’d met with the organizers and all participants. Everyone congratulated me and it was very nice and cute.  The evening was very warm and funny. We could know each other better. The main reports were on November 22-23.

Honestly, I enjoyed everything! The organization was the best, the food was the best, the people were the best! We had a lot of fun and I’ve met so many interesting people. There were so much new information about the world of translation for me. Such kinds of conferences are the best opportunity to find new friends and  employers. And of course Norway is wonderful country with magnificent nature.

I want to say again thank you to Anne-Marie and Cecilia for this great opportunity, it was the best birthday present for me. Moreover, I’ve never celebrated my birthday in such cool way.

Hope to see you again!


Do you want to learn something new and have fun? Go to NTIF!

 Written 24 oktober, 2018


The 8th edition of the Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF) will take place on November 21-23, 2018 in Oslo. Before we head to Norway to check out the latest news and trends in the language industry, we talked to Anne-Marie Colliander Lind and Cecilia Enbäck, the two organizers of the event. We wanted to know more about the beginnings, the changes and the future of NTIF, and now, we can‘t wait for November to come!

What is the story of NTIF? How did it start and develop into the conference as we know it today?
The conference started as we both felt that the Nordic LSPs were seldom present at the international conferences, and therefore risked missing out on important industry developments. We realized that we needed to create an environment in the Nordics where our regional industry peers could meet and exchange experiences and share knowledge.

It was actually meant to be a one-off – one time only – but apparently we had indeed filled a gap and we were prompted to repeat the event – so we did.

What we didn’t expect, was how the environment would develop. We thought this would be a regional event for the Nordic language services experts only, but unintentionally we created something else: A healthy business environment for the entire international industry. Today we have companies from more than 30 countries attending to find new business opportunities. Our Nordic touch remains though, through local speakers, local brands and topics in our program related to regional challenges.

Who are the main target groups of the conference?
Business owners and LSP executives who like to make their businesses stand out. And anyone who wants to find new business opportunities, whether you are a vendor, buyer, linguist or technology provider.

How does NTIF differ from other events in the industry?
Our Nordic focus, and our efforts to always find new topics and new speakers. This conference isn‘t run by an association – it’s a conference run by two language industry entrepreneurs with the goal of creating an inspiring business environment, making our attendees feel comfortable, and having a good time. Do you want to learn something new and have fun? Go to NTIF!

What will be the highlight of this year’s event? What will be different compared to last year?
Our highlight is about sign language! Our keynote speaker is a deaf rapper and we will hear his story. What’s more, we will have insightful sessions that involve the EU institutions and their upcoming technology development as well as an LSP tech panel.

What are the current trends in the translation industry from your point of view, in general, and in particular regarding the Nordic countries and companies?
One general trend is definitely Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)! Regarding the Nordic countries, there is a lot of capital in the region that could be attractive for investors. Small and specialized companies might be left behind – or benefit largely from it. It’s a bit tricky, we’ll see.

Which values and principles does the NTIF represent?
Kindness, inclusion, happiness, fun, positive thinking, and, not to forget, dancing!

Who would be your favorite keynote speaker if you could choose anyone?
We have already managed to have them come to NTIF! But, we would really have loved to welcome Hans Rosling, who had impressed us deeply by his positivism through statistics approach. Tragically, he passed away, far too early, last year.

What is your vision of the future of NTIF?
Hosting a regional event is a challenge. We strive to not only attract the local players but also strengthen the Nordic language market by bringing the world to the Nordics. By doing this, we want to convey the message that the language industry is ONE industry – which includes all different kinds of stakeholders. And hence all of them should be able to get value from attending one of our conferences.

Thank you both for the insights!


This interview was published by Plunet on October 5, 2018. The original can be found here.

NTIF in the eyes of a non-translator

 Written 11 december, 2017

Stepping into the lounge hall full of translators and interpreters felt somewhat exciting and slightly nerve-breaking. But looking at the industry from a fresh perspective of an outsider quickly paid off. I have been able to embrace a fantastic mix of creative and practical thinkers who truly are passionate about what they do. What amazed me most is diversity. Most of the people at NTIF conference spoke more than 3 languages, have travelled the world and have entered the industry with big plans to change the ecosystem for the better. Having a privilege to experience all sides of the conference as a moderator, an audience and a keynote speaker, I can declare that NTIF is an incredible platform for various industry players that enables networking and truly disrupts the thinking process. It is all about quality content, collaborative workshops, international crowd, great vibe and, of course, legendary dancing!

To summarize my first and very vivid NTIF experience, I have put on a paper some of my key take-aways:

1). Always recognize the story and your role in it. Audience needs a villain and a Cinderella.
2). This industry is not just about translation from one language to another. It is a dynamic mix of simultaneous interpretation, silent language, graphic recording and even tweeting! This industry itself is a special kind of art.
3). Content is exploding – the need for high impact content is growing, but the need for low impact content is growing even faster.
4). Tech is good, but at the end of the day it still comes down to people, human interaction and serving customers’ needs.
5). Translation industry is vastly growing and it is on the edge of a big change.
6). Everybody talks about it but nobody really knows what will happen to the industry in 5 years considering the market overwhelmed with tools, gadgets, AI apps and platforms.
7). LSP is not a Language Service Provider, it is a Language Solution Partner.
8). Sarcasm is a humor of intelligent people.
9). It is important to educate buyers and clients as well.
10). Translators and interpreters are the most creative, diverse and internationally-minded people who also do not mind to being challenged.
11). Linguists can dance!
12). To stay relevant and be step ahead, companies always need to update their tacit knowledge, adapt to new technologies, be agile and differentiate. And this applies to all industries,
13). Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.
14). The success is collective, hence working together and making the change together is essential.
15). Above all I have learned how two individuals with their passion, drive and fantastic attitude can transform the traditional definition of a translation forum and provide a platform that unites like-minded bright minds to share, innovate and collaborate. And these two professionals are Anne-Marie Colliander Lind and Cecilia Enbäck – the God Mothers and Master Minds behind an industry-changing event.

It’s been a tremendous pleasure to moderate the conference and I hope to see you all at the next year’s NTIF.

Thanks, and may Sisu be with you!





Yuliya Nesterenko

Interpreting Technology Tasting (for ice-cream lovers)

 Written 10 november, 2017

The field of interpreting is undergoing some ground-shaking changes. Ubiquitous broadband has made multilingual streaming a reality. Neural machine translation is flirting with voice recognition. And Google has just introduced its first version of a babel fish that you can literally stick in your ear.

Pretty exciting news for users who believe they can now tour the world with their personal interpreter in their pockets. Delegates traveling on a shoestring budget also seem to welcome the chance of joining more meetings, more often from the comfort of their homes.

But the new wave is also cause for apprehension, with some conference interpreters feeling like they’ve been handled a bad hand. They resent being ushered out of the room and they harbor fears of predatory competition, low quality or both.

Squeezed in-between, the rest of us – commercial sellers and buyers of interpretation services – respond with hopeful anticipation and the anxiety of a six-year-old in an ice cream shop with too many flavors. And flavors do abound, as tech startups jump on the language bandwagon with promises that their RSI solutions will please every palate.

The truth is not everyone likes vanilla, and some of us are chocolate-intolerant. Solutions – or flavors, for that matter – will only be as good as the pain point or craving they address. How is one to choose?

Introducing NTIF’s Interpreter Software Challenge

NTIF will round up six of the most innovative players in the RSI field and give each one a chance to wow you. Each company will have five minutes to pitch their vision, their goals and typical use cases. At the end of their pitch, you get to rate each solution based on how closely it meets your specific needs. You will also have a chance to taste their cream before you enter the room, as vendors exhibit and demo their technology during the coffee-break on Saturday.

Ümit Özaydin, CEO of Dragonman and early adopter of interpretation technologies, will set the tone with an enlightening introduction. I will be there too, as a moderator, to make sure you get a taste of everything and to keep you from overdosing on the sugar. I will be adding my own flavor to the mix, too, as one of the challengers.

Is your mouth watering yet? So, save the date and bring your scoop. May the tasting begin.

November 24, at 13:30 – 15:00



Ewandro Magalhaes
VP of Communications
KUDO, Inc.

Innovation Workshop

 Written 6 november, 2017

From 23-24 November, the Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF) will be hosting an exciting new initiative in Helsinki. In an off-conference workshop, four experts, led by Semantix Head of Translation Innovation, Robert Etches, will meet and brainstorm before joining up with the conference proper to present and share their findings and ideas in the closing Innovation Panel.

We have assembled a unique team that promises to be as disruptive as it is different. And we promise that this is not just going to be another walk around the TM/MT circus!

In a world governed by the Big Five (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook) and changing as quickly as you can say Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and the Internet of Things, who thinks we will still be charging for our services by the word in 2022? Or using translation memories, or paying for CAT tools, or producing and selling translation as we do today?

You too can join in the workshop! At any one time, two conference participants can sit in on the Innovation Workshop to listen and, more importantly, contribute to the final presentation. Join us and help to make this the conference workshop of 2017!