Polar lights!

 Written 24 oktober, 2015

Close to the poles of our beautiful planet you can sometimes see green, blue or red light in the sky. For the northern latitudes it is called aurora borealis (northern lights) and for the southern latitudes it is called aurora australis (southern lights).

Why do you see the light? The light is visible when particles (usually electrons) from the sun falls into the higher levels of the earth’s atmosphere at 100-400 km height. The electrons are affected by the earth’s magnetic field and hits the atmosphere in an oval around the magnetic poles (south and north). When the sun activity gets higher the chance to see these light phenomena increases.

The phenomena can only be seen at nights so we hope for high sun activity and clear sky in Reykjavik around 18-20 November. If you want to prepare, download an app to your smart-phone and start receiving notifications!

Here you can read more about aurora forecasts. Enjoy!


Aurora borealis in Nordic languages:

Icelandic: Norðurljós

Swedish: Norrsken

Danish/Norwegian: Nordlys

Finnish: Revontulet

Photo: Joshua Strang, US Air Force

Iceland – near or far?

 Written 15 augusti, 2015

Iceland – an island in the middle of the Atlantic, near or far from everything?

When we first started to plan to go to Iceland for NTIF 2015 we hesitated quite a lot as we thought it would be to hard to bring conference participant to the country.
But we have changed our minds!

There are two major Icelandic airlines: IcelandAir and WowAir. They fly directly from many European and American cities to Reykjavik. Other airlines that operate Reykjavik, also in November, are SAS, Atlantic Airways, Flybe, PrimeraAir, easyJet and Norwegian.

The more adventurous conference particiant with a lot of time can chose to take the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark with Smyrril Line and spend some days in Torshavn on Faroe Island before sailing off to Reykjavik. This way you can bring your own car to explore the country on your own.

The choice is yours – but our recommendation is to start looking at flight tickets already now as the prices still are very affordable.

See you in November!


Picture from IcelandAir

Aurora borealis

 Written 1 juni, 2015

What to expect from Iceland in November?

Yes – that is a challenge! So we have found a local partner in Esja Travel who will provide us with tips what to do in Iceland in November especially for those of you who will bring family along.

And Esja Travel have assured us that even if it is November, there will be quite a lot of things to do. The hot springs will be hot springs in November too. The Golden Circle will be nice and different in November. And the most spectacular things are for free: November is the high season for the Nordic aurora borealis phenomena.

Can’t wait to see it!

Grand Hotel Reykjavik

 Written 28 maj, 2015

Grand Hotel Reykjavik

We have chosen Grand Hotel in Reykjavik as our venue for the 5th Nordic Translation Industry Forum 18-20 November 2015 in Iceland.

Our conference will be held in and outside “Gullteigur”, and breakout sessions will be held in a smaller room nearby.

The conference section is centrally placed in the hotel and several bars and meeting places can easily be reached.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Iceland in November!

The Bridge…

 Written 31 juli, 2014

If you consider how many crime novels are written in the Nordics, we are very happy all of us here to still be alive. We have not only seen crime novels spread all over the world from this little corner of the world, but also a lot of TV plays and movies on the same theme.

Our tip for preparing for the NTIF in November is to see one of the most popular and widespread series: The Bridge – Bron – Broen. A dead body is found on the Øresund Bridge just on the border between Denmark and Sweden. And a Swedish and Danish police team need to cooperate to be able to solve the case. It is truly a very good series – third season is about to be filmed this fall.

And you will benefit from having seen the series when joining us in Helsingør. Stay tuned for more info on the program!