Written 16 juni, 2014

The longest day in the Swedish summer is approaching. On Friday 20 June we will celebrate the fest of light – Midsummer. During daytime a lot of families and friends gather and meet for joint lunch and then in the afternoon there are traditional dancing and games around the maypole. In the evening youngsters and elderly meet also for some more modern dancing. The Swedish tradition dates back to the 16th century so it is a long standing tradition.

If you ever get a chance to attend a Midsummer fest in Sweden take the opportunity. It will be a memorable day for you and your family. For inspiration read more on Visit Swedens guide to Midsummer:

Hotel Marienlyst

 Written 5 maj, 2014

Hotel Marienlyst offers both the view and space for inspiration. The hotel is proud to offer 20, 5-star conference rooms as well as 158 rooms and suites in the 4-star rated hotel. The framework is flexible, the equipment is of the best quality and our staff has long experience in creating the best basis for a successful conference.

Translation Saves Lives!

 Written 21 april, 2014

Translation Saves Lives! Help us save some more! NTIF is sponsoring “The Baltic Loop” to raise money for Translators without Borders. Please join us in supporting this great initiative! We are looking forward to greeting the team on their arrival to Sweden on 29th of April and to ride with them in Stockholm. To learn more about the bike ride and how to sponsor, visit their website: