Ekaterina and #NTIF2018

Hi, my name is Ekaterina. I’m from Russia and I would like to share my emotions from this conference with you. So, I took part in the translation forum in Russia named TFR in August 2018…. Read more

Do you want to learn something new and have fun? Go to NTIF!

  The 8th edition of the Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF) will take place on November 21-23, 2018 in Oslo. Before we head to Norway to check out the latest news and trends in the language industry, we talked… Read more

NTIF in the eyes of a non-translator

Stepping into the lounge hall full of translators and interpreters felt somewhat exciting and slightly nerve-breaking. But looking at the industry from a fresh perspective of an outsider quickly paid off. I have been able to… Read more

Interpreting Technology Tasting (for ice-cream lovers)

The field of interpreting is undergoing some ground-shaking changes. Ubiquitous broadband has made multilingual streaming a reality. Neural machine translation is flirting with voice recognition. And Google has just introduced its first version of a babel… Read more

Innovation Workshop

From 23-24 November, the Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF) will be hosting an exciting new initiative in Helsinki. In an off-conference workshop, four experts, led by Semantix Head of Translation Innovation, Robert Etches, will meet and… Read more

What to do in Helsinki?

By now you have probably already signed up for the conference. If you find the time and courage to venture out of the NTIF venue, here are my Top 3 tips for visitors to Helsinki. 1…. Read more

Why Helsinki? Insights from a local!

By now you’ve probably already started planning to attend the next NTIF conference which will be held in Helsinki on 22–24 November. And why wouldn’t you? Surely you’re interested in some up-to-date, Nordics-focused industry news—and also… Read more

Nähdään Helsingissä!

Welcome to Helsinki for NTIF 2017! Prepare your visit by checking out Visit Helsinkis website: http://www.visithelsinki.fi/en    

NTIF 2016 Destination Malmö

by Matthew Ogden, NTIF 2016 moderator   How does an already happily productive and inspiring day get even better? Well, taking part in a conference call with the very lovely Anne-Marie and Cecilia, and being asked… Read more

Welcome to Malmö!

Log in to one of these sites to prepare for your visit to Malmö! Malmö Town The Local Looking forward to seeing you 24-25 November!