It’s all about business!

One spectacular location, two inspirational keynotes, three days of networking opportunities and a lot of learning from multiple leading industry veterans as well as new-coming stars. Welcome to Grand Hotel Reykjavik and NTIF 2015!

Sponsored by Semantix AB
Bubbly drinks and finger food
Welcome to network and participate in games to raise money for Translators Without Borders.
09:00‑11:45INSIDE TRACK
09:00‑09:45Smarter Machine Translation comes of age.
Jane Chaffer, SDL
See how SDL is taking MT to a whole new level, how you can better leverage MT in everyday translation work and how MT will learn with you!
Project Management Rediscovered: XTRF Smart Projects
Andrzej Nedoma, XTRF
During the conference XTRF will launch its new Smart Solution for Project Management.
XTRF Technical Deployment Experts will show how you can run projects 60% faster thanks to our focus on usability and functional simplicity.
MateCat, a free online CAT tool with 1-click outsourcing
Eugenio La Mesa, Matecat
Eliminate CAT tool licensing costs by using MateCat! Free for LSPs and freelance translators, without any limitations. Come and learn how to leverage a state of the art CAT tool with no learning curve. The outsourcing feature embedded in the tool allows you to never say no to your clients when your translators are busy or you don't offer a particular language pair.
10:00‑10:45Managing complex multilingual projects with frequent updates
Bernardo Santos, Kilgray
Localizing dynamically changing content such as websites is a challenging project for an LSP to process. Learn how to manage projects with memoQ where the source gets updated as the translation happens.
Build Trust with Transparent Workflows
Bryan Hutchinson, Memsource
Offer your clients instant quotes, business intelligence, progress reports and terminology reviews in the Memsource customer dashboard.
Multilingual Translation Projects
John Di Rico, Wordfast
Managing multilingual translation projects and remote linguistic assets with Wordfast Pro 4.

Attend the session for more information!
11:00‑11:45What's New in Across Language Server v6.3?
Vanessa Hirthe, Across
In Across v6.3, many former standalone solutions have been integrated by default. Other new features include terminology research on mobile devices, external editing in third-party systems, and a simplified installation process.
Spotify for Dictionaries
Ola Persson, WordFinder Software AB
Imagine all the world’s best dictionaries at your fingertips. On all your devices and integrated in your daily work applications. WordFinder Unlimited – a subscription based dictionary service with the mission to include all the best dictionaries in the world.
Efficient Translation Management with Plunet
Nancy Radloff, Plunet GmbH
Plunet is a flexible business & translation management solution for LSPs and translation departments. Plunet integrates translation software, financial accounting and can be adapted to individual company processes. In the exclusive tool demo you will learn how to streamline your daily project work. Sounds good? Then join Plunet’s session.
Coffee available between all seminars
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind & Cecilia Enbäck
"Where to Grow and How to Build Your Business in Our Turbulent World - A Futurologist’s Perspective"
Magnus Lindqvist
14:15‑15:00LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
15:00‑15:45Localisation journey of IKEA: Yesterday, Today & Glorious Future - Most things remain to be done…
Swati Narwal
 - IKEA Group
In this presentation, Swati will present the journey she has embarked upon at IKEA for achieving high quality and a well-coordinated translation process. Swati will also introduce her ideas behind supplier selection criterias; IKEA’s outlook towards LSPs from just a service provider to a partner and the changed focus from technology dependence to a focus on establishing processes and routines.
16:00‑17:00Panel Discussion with Translation buyers
How do the small and medium sized companies get a foot in the door with the big guys?

Jane Appleton - Marel
Thekla Bartels - Plain Vanilla
Camille Faivre d’Arcier - CCP Games
17:00‑18:00After Work - Inspired by Iceland
Meet the Icelanders and mingle with peers and exhibitors
Sponsored and presented by: Skjal and Skopos
Dinner sponsored by: Moravia

Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre. Included in the conference fee for all attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.
Find a way, don't drown in the ocean of big fish! Key elements of success for growing in business.
Þórdís Lóa Þórhallsdóttir – Business Entrepreneur
10:00‑10:30Raising the bar for rich transcreated content
Henrik Jakobsson – Lingoalta
From dusty, corporate videos to engaging and artful media. Today’s crowded and sophisticated marketplace demands quality content to differentiate.
10:30‑11:00LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
11:00‑11:45Talk. And Then Some.
Anu Carnegie-Brown STP Nordic
Intercommunication, miscommunication, telecommunication, excommunication… managing people means managing information. Anu will share her story of solving the internal communication puzzle at STP, including information flow practices from management to staff as well as between the employees and their team leaders.
How to avoid being sandwiched between MT and crowdsourcing
Udo Leinhäuser
Machine translation and crowdsourcing are no longer new trends in our industry. They are here to stay and are gaining more and more market share. This is particularly apparent when it comes to the Nordic language market where labour costs are higher. Providers of MT and crowdsourcing services often take advantage of the “fast and cheap” approach which poses a threat to LSPs. Udo will demonstrate strategies to avoid being sandwiched between MT and crowdsourcing.
11:45‑12:30Is Marketing Automation for me?
Anne Helene K. Fink Xplanation
You want to attract visitors, converts leads and close customers. Marketing Automation could be your short cut to growth, but where do you start? Learn how to choose the right platform, develop a lead management strategy and measure ROI.
Adding more members to your family
Elin Ward and Nils-Erik Lindström Semantix
Why do you choose to add new members to your company’s CAT tool family? Is it as easy as it sounds? Which are the biggest challenges? Semantix has been on this journey for some time. A journey troubled with blood, sweat and tears but also huge benefits and increased profits. Let us tell you about our experiences.
12:30‑14:00LUNCH and time to visit our Exhibitors
14:00‑15:00Can langauge industry assiciations influence the market or are we doomed by political decision?
This hour starts with Hanne Sterndorf and Pia Rubin-Grøn talking about WHEN POLITICS TOOK DANISH TRANSLATORS BY SURPRISE – NOW LOOKING AHEAD TO THE FUTURE and then we invite the audience to participate. We know we have representatives in the room from ADATI (Denmark), SKTOL (Finland), Språkföretagen (Sweden), FLDS (Iceland), LVBA (Lithuania), ELIA and GALA among many others who can give local and global parallels. This interactive session is moderated by Jost ZetZsche.
15:00‑15:45LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
15:45‑17:00Localization in start-up companies - a given?
Introduction by Halldór Jörgensen

Followed by panel discussion with:
Áslaug S. Hafsteinsdóttir - Meniga
Eggert Claessen - Frumtak 2GP


Evening of 20 November
Post-conference activity for participants who stay (paid and booked separately)
Northern Light Dinner and Cruise –  more information: Discover Iceland!

21-22 November
Excursions by choice in cooperation with Esja Travel (paid and booked separately)
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