– I will attend the Nordic Translation Industry Forum 19-20 November 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Early bird price until 25 October 2015 26 October: 575 EUR + VAT (24 %)
One day conference pass: 350 EUR + VAT (24 %)*
Freelance translator/Student: 525 EUR + VAT (24 %) (special code needed, contact the organizers)

Regular price after 25 October 2015 26 October 2015: 625 EUR + VAT (24 %)
NB: you need to pre-register for a one day pass as well. Dinner and receptions not included in price.

Please note that the price for the full conference includes welcome reception on Wednesday 18 November and conference dinner (valued at 75 EUR net) on Thursday 19 November.

Conference dinner (day pass + additional guests): 75 EUR + VAT (24 %) per person

*) NB: you need to pre-register for a one day pass as well. Dinner for Thursday is not included in the price.

Are you on Twitter? Please add your Twitter-ID in the appropriate box below. If you tweet that you have registered to #NTIF2015, you will have the chance to win a prize during the event.

Refunds (less 100 EUR processing fee) will be given according to the following schedule: four weeks prior to the event, full refund; three weeks prior to the event, three-quarter refund; two weeks prior, one-half refund; one week prior, no refund. Substitutions accepted.
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