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09:00‑11:45INSIDE TRACK
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09:00‑09:45Is the meaning of life 42? Automated language quality metrics
Gábor Bessenyei, Globalese
The whole language industry is based on automated evaluation metrics we do not know too much about. Hands on heart: do you know how a 79% fuzzy match is calculated? What is the difference between a 84% and a 85% match? Why do we like fuzzy matches, but hate BLEU scores? Do we even have a common understanding about the definition of a word? Can language quality represented with a number, and are these numbers the same for the different languages?
In this session you can learn about the different flavors of fuzzy match and edit distance algorithms, how automated language quality metrics are used today and what expectations we can have for the future.
Efficient Translation Management with Plunet
Nancy Radloff, Plunet GmbH
BusinessManager is a flexible business & translation management solution for LSPs and translation departments. Plunet integrates translation software, financial accounting and can be adapted to individual company processes. In the exclusive tool demo you will learn how to streamline your daily project work. Sounds good? Then join Plunet’s session.
Translation automation – Optimize the workflow with memoQ!
Peter Reynolds, Kilgray
Translation/localization is a creative process. However, there are a lot of manual steps that can be automated to make the workflow more effective. This session demonstrates how to automate translation projects in memoQ including projects where the source also gets updated as the translation happens. memoQ server's flexibility results in better managed projects and significant cost reduction.
Learn how to cut down delivery times and improve your ROI by implementing memoQ.
10:00‑10:45Spotify for Dictionaries
Ola Persson, WordFinder Software AB
Imagine all the world’s best dictionaries at your fingertips. On all your devices and integrated in your daily work applications. WordFinder Unlimited – a subscription based dictionary service with the mission to include all the best dictionaries in the world.
In-layout proofing combined with easy TM update
Ib Tørsleff, Frontlab
Frontlab [lingua] is a game changer: Learn why your clients love to proofread directly in the layout, and how easy it is for you to keep the translation memory updated with the latest changes.
Frontlab [lingua] offers a structured proofing process optimized for translation and localization that allows proofreading to be done directly in the layout and with an integrated terminology check. Our TM update features makes it easy to keep your translation memory updated, and ready for the next job. We offer support for multiple CAT toolsets.
Selling translation online, a path to success
Claudia Di Lorenzo, Matecat
The translation industry is changing and demand for translation services is shifting online just like any other service or product. Next generation language service providers need to adapt to this changing industry and move online to meet this growing translation demand.
We would like to share our view on how to expand translation business in the online market. has been focusing solely on online translation services since the beginning and has continued growing steadily up to a multi-million dollar business. The key? Process automation, deep understanding of the online market and technology to enable converting leads to sales.
During the presentation, we’ll describe some of the steps that companies may take to develop a direct online sales channel and generate leads to build new lasting relationship with their clients.

11:00‑11:45MT focus on Nordic Languages (among them and with English)
Gema Ramírez & José Juan Martínez, Prompsit
English to Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian… almost all MT use cases tell the same stories about the same language combinations. So, what happens when it comes to Swedish, Danish, Norwegian… This demo session will show how MT is applied in real life situations to Nordic Languages. Through these examples, you will be able to understand if custom MT can be useful for you and how to add it, without fear, to your current activities.
SmartCAT - Free Collaborative CAT Platform
Jean-Luc Saillard, SmartCAT
The SmartCAT demonstration will outline the unique features that make this platform ideal for dealing with the latest challenges in the localization industry. How to collaborate more efficiently, reduce time to market, lower costs while retaining high quality standards. Automated project management functions, the advantages of centralized linguistic assets, machine translation integration and the leading edge multi-user editor will be shown. The demonstration will also explain how to leverage your existing team strength using the SmartCAT marketplace of 70,000 freelancers from 100 countries. All that without LSPs having to purchase expensive licenses and without any limitation on technology usage. That is the key value of the philosophy SmartCAT is bringing to the market.
Remote Interpreting – a curse or a blessing
Kim Ludvigsen, Interprefy
Remote interpreting is growing fast. What are the implications for interpreters and the market in general? Swiss-based Interprefy has developed a unique cloud-based platform for remote simultaneous interpreting of conferences and similar events. It will be demonstrated during the presentation.

Interpreters work remotely and delegates use smartphones as receivers. Since interpreters need not travel and no heavy equipment must be installed, cost savings are substantial. This enables organisers to offer simultaneous interpreting also to workshops, seminars and sales meetings.
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11:45‑13:00Mingle lunch in the exhibition area
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind & Cecilia Enbäck
Meet the Neighbours. An introduction to the Nordic Tribes
Michael Booth
Michael Booth's international best seller, ’The Almost Nearly Perfect People’, offered a fresh and occasionally controversial perspective on the five Nordic countries, their inhabitants and diverse histories. In this light-hearted presentation, he will introduce the delegates from the different Nordic countries to each other, in the hope of fostering future pan-regional understanding and cooperation.
14:30‑15:15LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
15:15‑16:00United we stand
Christel WK Gouas - Sprogambassadørerne
LSP or freelance translator don't miss out on this presentation. It could improve your business potential too.
In-house translators, language specialists and localization managers working for corporations have been in for quite a bumpy ride the last few years. As translation and language are seldom part of their respective corporations’ core business or concerns, the number of in-house language teams and language professionals has been heavily reduced, resulting in professional solitude, lack of knowledge sharing and time for development. As a reaction to this, the need for a network for language professionals working in corporations became increasingly apparent. A small network including a dozen of language professionals materialised late 2014, and the first network meeting took place in January 2015. Today, the Danish language network called ‘Sprogambassadørerne’, ie, the language ambassadors, counts more than 50 enthusiastic and dedicated members who are very keen on improving the services they provide to their in-house customers and on creating value for their respective corporations. All members work daily or often with LSPs, and NTIF is obviously an opportunity for the network to voice its members’ needs and ideas to the language industry which serves them. Long live the power of networking!
16:00‑16:30The Language Industry Stories That Shaped 2016
Florian Faes
As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time for a closer look at the stories that shaped the year. What deals got done and why? What startups got funded, and how are the world’s largest language service providers faring? What does the rise of neural machine translation mean, and how are large buyers shifting their spend.
16:30‑17:30Managing the Mingling
John DiRico
This seminar examines peoples' fear of attending meetings and social events and recommends attitudes and strategies to derive great personal and professional benefits from mingling.
By the end of this seminar, you will have a better understanding of the benefits of attending a business or social function, be better prepared prior to attending such functions, and be able to employ different networking strategies during the function.
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09:00‑10:30A transforming industry
Henrik Lottrup LanguageWire
The language and translation industry has seen significant changes over the past years. Henrik Lottrup will talk about the key trends that he believes will impact the industry, how the conventional LSP model may be impacted and not least what it will require to meet the future demands of the customers.

A walk in the Media Localisation park – opportunities and pitfalls in the Cloud era
Pelle Nauclér Nordisk Undertext
We will cover the historical constraints of media localization, as well as have a look at the new media landscape and the opportunities for LSP:s in a booming market. We will also have a peak into what tools are available in the cloud and how they are being used.

This session will be followed by a facilitated conversation with audience participation
More info about the setup soon!
10:30‑11:00LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
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11:00‑11:45To acquire and to be acquired
Anders Uddfors Semantix
Anders will be talking about being sold and acquired. He will be sharing his perspectives, drawing on his own experience of M&A, as well as sharing tips on what private equity companies and other businesses with acquisition strategies normally look at when deciding to carry out acquisitions within segments such as the language industry. He will also be giving tips on how best to prepare a business to be attractive for a new owner. There will be opportunities for questions and discussions.
Win-win in Buyer-Supplier collaboration
Teresa Edberg Qlik
We will present takeaways from Qlik’s journey toward a highly agile globalization approach, where the localization services suppliers are an integral part and automation technology and is the essential enabler for success.
The collaboration has evolved through consolidation of work to a fewer vendors, and through clarity in expectations with an in-depth RFP process and follow-up dialogue on the extended program.
Mutual goals were established, leading to joint initiatives, and a partnership in defining upgraded processes, tools and knowledge management. Ultimately, the vendors become an external arm of Qlik’s Globalization team.
11:45‑12:30Inside the acquisition process
Andrea Nessi Vaccani, Zweig & Associates (VZ&A)
M&A is commonly seen as a secretive and exclusive process - not relevant for typical SMEs. In fact, M&A-related activities are of wider significance in the business life cycle of any company as well as for most entrepreneurs. But how exactly does it work?
This presentation will demystify the M&A process with the support of "real life cases" in the areas of a) selling a company/involving new investors and b) acquiring a company for growth purposes.

What makes the Baltic Language Services
Market Unique? Changes, Business Trends and Case Studies

Didzis Kļaviņš Tilde
While the global translation market continues to expand and Europe continues to grow it share despite economic and political turbulence in the past few years, there is a lack of information how LSPs in the Baltic States are facing global challenges and opportunities. Using unpublished information and in-depth interviews with LSPs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the presentation will shed light on the special characteristics of the language services market in the Baltic States, both commonalities and divergences across three countries.
12:30‑13:30LUNCH and time to visit our Exhibitors

The Norwegian model on qualification and organization of interpreting services.
Leonardo Doria de Souza Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi)
The Norwegian model on qualification and organization of interpreting services.

Public sector interpreting in Danmark.
Carina Graversen Association of Danish Authorized Translators and Interpreters
There are no formal requirements for interpreters working in the health and legal sectors in Denmark. How does that impact quality and safety for the individuals in need of the services.
13:30‑14:30 Ensure true effect of communication activities
AnnSi Krol byBrick Insight
The media landscape has changed dramatically over the last ten years and our behaviors has been adapted to new technology. We are influenced by new sources and people. The lifestyle of always being connected, often with social media in focus, puts a new demand on companies and organizations for finding their target groups, how to create content, trigger engagement, getting conversion and in the end seeing the right effect on their efforts. So how do you maneuver your way through this landscape and become a relevant, trusted influencer that your target group interacts with? Where should you activate and with what content? AnnSi will give you an overview of the landscape and how it is still changing. She will share tips on how to set a plan on both strategical and tactical level. With AnnSis background there will be no guess work, no trendy hacks or cookie-cutter solutions. We start the journey by looking at robust data, analysis and insight to guide the way to make sense of it all.
14:30‑15:00For whom; A global aspect on a local demand.
Raz State Stockholm County Council
The use of an interpreter is a free right for patients and caregivers, and a stated goal of equal care within Stockholm County Council. Communication via an interpreter may be necessary to provide adequate medical assistance and necessary information and guidance for patients and their families. Language and communication problems can be a barrier both in the treatment situation and the dissemination of information. Misunderstanding or missing information can have very negative consequences on the outcome.
Attention with motion pictures
Leena Gröndal
Content is king, but it creates a challenge. How do you stand out from the sea of sameness? How to reach your public in the digital world? Text and pictures can only go so far. Using video increases the appeal of your message. Learn how to start using video content before it becomes the norm.
15:00‑15:30LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
15:30‑16:30Experimential cartography: Mapping wellbeing through the study of ‘untranslatable’ words
Tim Lomas
From one perspective, linguistic systems are maps that enable people to appraise and navigate their experiential world. However, languages map the world in different ways, generating variation in the way people experience and conceptualise life. These differences are revealed most starkly by so-called ‘untranslatable’ words, i.e., which lack an exact translation in another language. This talk will argue that, from a psychological perspective, such words are very useful, as they denote ‘regions’ of the experiential world that a given language (e.g., English) has overlooked or not charted in particular detail. By engaging with such words, our understanding of the world may be enriched accordingly.
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