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Enabling Global Communication

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Helsinki Congress Paasitorni 2017
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09:00‑11:45INSIDE TRACK
09:00‑09:45The power of words or You never get a second chance to make a first impression
Klaus Fleischman, Kaleidoscope
Successful communication means picking the right words. Learn how to collaboratively establish, validate and enforce the right terminology in all phases of global content production.
Globalese 3 - custom neural MT engines at your fingertips
Gábor Bessenyei, MorphoLogic Localisation
Globalese is an easy-to-use, neural machine translation system designed for the special needs and processes of Language Service Providers and Content Owners.
Time to deliver
Andrea Tabacchi, Memsource, Ib Tørsleff, Frontlab
In the never-ending quest to cut the time to delivery, sometimes the best solutions require a little technical innovation and common sense.

The session will show you how you can drastically reduce the time to delivery through extensive automation beginning with the project submission through in-context validation and DTP. By automating project creation, translation/revision assignments and the translation preview and revising how you edit, collaborate and generate a final document it is possible to achieve a time saving of 50% or more. All this with just a browser and an internet connection.
10:00‑10:45When it comes to your business, do you take the broad view?
Lara Millmow, Elia
International associations help companies expand their horizons and connect with peers and business partners beyond borders. Elia, the European Language Industry Association, shares the benefits of membership and how joining the association will accelerate your business success.
WordFinder Unlimited - For clarity and excellence
Ola Persson, WordFinder International Software
WordFinder Unlimited is a subscription based dictionary service with more than 260 dictionaries in 12 languages and there are more dictionaries added all the time. In the presentation we will show how to work with the various applications in WordFinder Unlimited.

When using WordFinder Unlimited, you’ll be able to translate more effectively and work more productively with all forms of written documentation. Today, WordFinder is used by more than 500 000 professionals, including a large number of translation agencies and freelance translators all over the world.

Now with IATE – InterActive Terminology for Europe

Translation project management fueled by the memoQ server
Ádám Marjai, memoQ
Picture it: your client sends you a relatively large project to have it translated into dozens of languages for, you guessed it, tomorrow (of course!). The localization of a dynamically changing website, the translation of documentation while technical writers are still working on it, games and software translation are just a few examples of large projects that you need to process. While it is possible to do most of this in a text editor, with sending files back and forth manually, it is not worth it.

Join Adam Marjai to understand how you can improve and optimize the workflow for complex projects where the source also gets updated as the translation happens. The memoQ server's flexibility enables clever project management, and as a result, large-scale savings in large and complicated projects - the ones that generate the lion's share of your revenue.

11:00‑11:45Meet the future!
Maija Tommila, Jenni Salovaara, Outi Könni & Tiia Juntunen
How do we ensure that the next generation of language specialists are prepared for the work life?

Come and engage in the conversation with language students from Helsinki University. This panel of students will share their thoughts on their future and how the education, and uniqe Elia-collaboration have prepared them for the real world.
Decision support system for Vendor Managers
Claudia Di Lorenzo, MateCat
Fast translation turnaround times mean immediate access to the best vendors for the job. Wherever they may be.
To solve this problem, you cannot limit yourself to a handful of translators you personally know. You need to find the best one out of all the professional translators in the world. It’s a problem too big to solve for humans. Unless, they get help from machines, that is.
Our experience with T-Rank presents a way to effectively measure performance of translators and rank them as humans would do, only better: taking into consideration more factors that define a professional translator and eliminating the bias of human decisions.
Efficient Business and Translation Management with Plunet
Vi Bui - Business Development Manager, Plunet
Plunet offers language service providers and translation departments a powerful and scalable management system for their business. Plunet integrates smoothly with CAT software, financial accounting tools and can be adapted to your individual company structures and processes.

In our exclusive tool demo you will learn how to manage complete translation projects with Plunet. Sound good? Then join our exclusive NTIF session and learn how to optimize your daily project work.
Coffee available between all seminars
11:45‑13:00Mingle lunch in the exhibition area
Lunch sponsored by: AAC Global
The afternoon sessions will be interpreted into English and/or Finnish.
Interpreters sponsored by Delingua and interpreting technology sponsored by Suomen Kongressitekniikka.
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind & Cecilia Enbäck
Apua paniikki! Preventing and handling crises in media and social media
Katleena Kortesuo
Katleena is a communications specialist and non-fiction writer who has written over 30 books. Her main interests are crisis communications, social media presence, personal branding, scouting and viking swordsmanship.
14:30‑15:15LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
Sponsored by: Globalese
15:15‑16:00The value of 50 MEUR
Pirkko Trpevski Kyllönen Språkservice Sverige AB
From independent interpreter to owning one of the top 3 LSPs in the Nordics with more than 50 MEUR in revenue - how did that happen? Hear the saga right from the source.
16:00‑16:30Crowdfunding - a new way of getting external money?
Jani Penttinen Transfluent
Transfluent is one of the first translation companies to raise money using crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is not just a way to raise money - it comes with many benefits that most of us are not familiar with. Transfluent CEO Jani Penttinen will explain how it was done, why it was done, and what they are doing with the money.
16:30‑17:00In hindsight - 9 months after the money came in - what happens now?
Henrik Lottrup Languagewire A/S
This year LanguageWire was sold to private equity fund, CataCap.
Henrik will share key learnings engaging with Nordic private equity companies and getting an external perspective on the translation market.
17:00‑18:00Mingle in the exhibition area sponsored by Kaleidoscope

Dinner sponsored by: Moravia
Dancing sponsored by: wordminds
The dinner is included in the conference fee for all attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.
Dinner at Meripaviljonki, Säästöpankinranta 3, Helsinki, 2 minutes walking distance from the hotel.
09:00‑09:30Good morning - recovery kit before first session
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind & Cecilia Enbäck
09:30‑10:30Can you tell me again what Globalization is?
Salvo Giammarresi PayPal
Whether you are a globalization vendor, or a buyer of globalization services, you will find yourself explaining what "globalization" is and your role helping a company going global. Unfortunately and most likely, some key decision makers might not share your same perspective.
During this interactive talk we will examine how your stakeholders view "globalization" and how you can bridge their comprehension gap.

10:30‑11:00LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
Sponsored by: Globalese
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11:00‑11:45A view on the client side of software localization
Tarja Karjalainen Polar Oy
The challenges and the possibilities. Localization is an integral part of software development and user experience, but can often be overshadowed in the development process. How should software companies prepare for localization, what are the benefits of dedicated localization teams and what kind of translation partnerships and cooperation are involved in the process.
Visual Language in Strategic Communication and Leadership - What is it and why do companies need it?
Linda Saukko-Rauta Redanredan Oy
Graphic Recording and hand-drawn visualisations are a growing business. Companies have started to see the benefits of making things visual. But what is graphic recording or sketchnoting and how is it done? Could visual thinking be brought into comparison with interpreting or translating? What is the basic vocabulary of visual thinking? And what happens if the company wants visualisations in several languages? Learn the basics of visual thinking and join the doodling revolution.
11:45‑12:30Reinvent the review process!
Leena Peltoma (AAC Global) & Klaus Fleischmann (Kaleidoscope)
Review processes as the last step in quality assurance workflows are “notorious for causing delays and frustrations”. The reasons are manifold: too many manual steps for project managers, no common ground for cooperation, reviewers who normally have “other priorities” and being told to fix a broken translation in the last second etc. What can an LSP do to tackle this issue, particularly in many languages and for many clients?
The Power of Words
Yuliya Nesterenko
Nowadays, words have more power than ever before. When technology enabled social networks and cross-border collaboration, we are more connected. A simple choice of words can make a huge difference between someone accepting or denying our message. This talk brings us back to the basics of verbal and non-verbal communication as a reminder of how words affect our work, environment and people around us. Yuliya, being a poet, social media enthusiast and people-person will share her perspective on words – their strengths, reflections, misuse and connection to our lives.
12:30‑13:30LUNCH and time to visit our Exhibitors
Lunch sponsored by: AAC Global
13:30‑15:00Interpreting Software Challenge
We have invited the most innovative companies for an interpreting technology challenge that will help you see what modern technology can look like in the interpreting situation.

Introduction by Ümit Özaydin
Moderated by Ewandro Magalhaes

The field of interpreting is undergoing some ground-shaking changes. Ubiquitous broadband has made multilingual streaming a reality. Neural machine translation is flirting with voice recognition. And Google has just introduced its first version of a babel fish that you can literally stick in your ear.
The market is suddenly overflowing with different Remote Simultaneous Interpretation technologies that promise to meet our every need.
To help you choose, we have invited six top RSI vendors for a challenge, to give you a taste of their solutions and let you rate them according to your specific needs.

Participating companies:
15:00‑15:30LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE - served in the Exhibition area
Sponsored by: Globalese
15:30‑16:30Innovation panel
Moderated by Robert Etches
We have had a unique team closed in an off-conference workshop who promised to be as disruptive as it is different.

In a world governed by the Big Five (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook) and changing as quickly as you can say Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and the Internet of Things, who thinks we will still be charging for our services by the word in 2022? Or using translation memories, or paying for CAT tools, or producing and selling translation as we do today?

The group will present and share their findings and ideas in this closing Innovation Panel.

Robert Etches
Katerina Pastra
Krzystof Zdanowski
Yannis Evangelou
Informal after-conference get-together
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