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Multilingual Intelligence


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Radisson Blu Hotel Nydalen
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09:00‑11:45INSIDE TRACK
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09:00‑09:45LBS Suite: A different way of thinking TMS (Translation Management System)
After a successful development in France, LBS comes to European and international market with LBS Suite, an innovative and efficient Translation Management System.
Come and find how LBS Suite brings a new approach of TMS. In this session, you will discover how LBS Suite sees UX, the wide range of needs covered, and the innovative approach of the relationship between a TMS editor and LSPs.
Bruno Geara , Language Business Solutions
Hey MemoQ! Lets make it even more effective
The translation of a dynamically changing website, translation of documentation while the technical writers are still working on it, games and software translation are just a few examples of large projects that a multilingual translation vendor needs to process. Join this session and understand how you can improve and optimize the workflow for complex projects where the source also gets updated as the translation happens, and improve ROI in large and completed projects. In addition, Gabor will also give a sneak-preview of Hey memoQ!, memoQ’s brand new voice to text functionality, and show how it can further improve productivity.
Gabor Kovacs, memoQ
How cooperation between competitors can create value for all.
Miklós Bán, Proford Association of Professional LSPs
10:00‑10:45WordFinder Unlimited - For clarity and excellence
WordFinder Unlimited is a subscription based dictionary service with more than 330 dictionaries in 26 languages and there are more dictionaries added all the time. In the presentation we will show how to work with the various applications in WordFinder Unlimited.
Ola Persson, WordFinder
To MT or not to MT, that's the question. How Memsource AI can improve your MT strategy
Not sure whether to use machine translation in your next project? Memsource’s new AI-powered feature MTQE gives you a quality estimation score before any post-editing is done. In this presentation you will learn how MTQE scores can be used to assess MT engine quality and reduce translation costs.
Josef Kubovsky, Memsource
Mind the gap
Frédérique Froment-Kelleghan from Welocalize will discuss the need to bridge the gap between universities and the professional world of localization.
Frédérique Froment-Kelleghan, Welocalize
11:00‑11:45Efficient Business and Translation Management with Plunet
In this session, you will learn how LSPs and Translation Departments manage their business processes efficiently with the newest Plunet Version. The main focus lies on aspects such as project, workflow and resource management, as well as automation, interoperability and quality assurance.
Simon Van Rentgerhem, Plunet
Custom neural MT engines
Demo and use case: advantages and challenges of NMT technology in translation projects
Gábor Bessenyei, MorphoLogic Localisation
Translators Without Borders
9:00‑11:45Unconference 3-hour morning session for attendees from the buyer side
Moderator: Salvo Giammarresi
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Anne-Marie Colliander Lind & Cecilia Enbäck

Impossible to possible

Where was sign language born and how it came here? By the way, "sign language", what is it? Who are sign language users? Do they have interpreters? How does it work?
Many questions, right? Don’t stress. Marko Vuoriheimo from Finland will give a talk and he will give you all the answers. Marko Vuoriheimo is an entrepreneur and also an artist called Signmark.
He will tell his amazing life story being a deaf person. When he was a kid, nobody believed in his dream being an artist or an entrepreneur but what happened then?

Marko Vuoriheimo, SignMark

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15:15‑16:00Inside Media Localization
The digital revolution within media, hit the market hard, when Netflix and other OTT platforms entered the Nordic Markets in 2012. Local Broadcasters lost 30% of their revenue, binge-watching finally crushed the last dying remains of the DVD market and film studios were caught off guard. For media localisation providers this was a crossroad – Björn Lifvergren will tell the story on how BTI Studios managed to ride the wave, and how change has become the new normal!
Björn Lifvergren
16:00‑16:30Swimming against the current – LSP expansion from West to East
Listen to the story of a Norwegian company who made a journey east by purchasing a family company in Sweden and began to form the fastest growing Nordic LSP.
How you can package processes and technology and adapt it to other markets, how companies in different countries can learn from each other and cooperate on new ventures and more.
Tove Jensen & Björn Touqan, Hero Tolk
16:30‑17:00Marketing and sales as an outsourced service in the translation industry
Choosing and educating the right vendor. Based on a true story.
Aleksey Bekmansurov
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09:00‑10:00Virtual Interpreting Technology Landscape
Interpreting has come a long way and the landscape has evolved beyond recognition over recent years. Where did this new burst in technology come from and where is it going?
Rachel Ryan, Nimdzi
10:00‑10:30LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE – served in the Exhibition area
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10:30‑11:00From localization to content creation – a journey
Chris will be speaking about how source content and its creation influences translation and localization, especially quality. He will also be speaking about how LSPs can turn their incredible knowledge about the end of the value chain when content gets translated into huge gains for the beginning of the value chain when content is created. This process is usually looked at from content creation to localization, but he will flip it around and analyze how the localization to content creation concept adds enormous value.
Chris Rowley, Influentsy
Augmented Interpreter: Opportunities and Limits of Digitalisation
DG SCIC experience in exploring and applying computer assisted interpretation processes: documentation and terminology management tools; computer assisted interpretation; automation of programming; research activities. Virtualisation of the interpreter's workplace: how far can or should we go?
Ramunas Cesonis, European Commission
11:00‑11:30From paper to information 4.0 – localisation for different content strategies.
Localisation can be an unforgiving process. Inconsistencies in content can become glaringly clear, structural issues in content and content management laid bare for all to see.
At every level of customer interaction, you meet different company cultures and different approaches to localisation. This workshop will focus on how we can help customers avoid pitfalls in their localisation strategy and avoid tripping over our own efforts to be a partner.
Based on three different cases, groups will discuss pitfalls for customers, solutions that will add value, and how to bring that value to the customer, not devalue their process.
Bring you own experiences, and be ready to think out of the box.
Erik Arent & Signe Poulsen, Xplanation
The Norwegian Interpreting Market - presentation of survey results
IMDi is the Norwegian authority for interpreting services in the public sector and works with a number of initiatives aimed at interpreters, users of interpreting services and government agencies in order to:
- Increase availability of qualified interpreters
- Increase capacity in interpreter’s education
- Increase awareness and knowledge about interpreter’s role
- Regulate and further develop the field of interpreting services

In this presentation Leonardo will present the results from a recent survey IMDi has undertaken.

Leonardo Doria de Souza
11:30‑12:00Audiovisual translators in the digital age - A view from below
Digitalization, the arrival of streaming services and the decline of linear televison have caused dramatic changes in the subtitling industry in the new millennium.
How have the lives of the people actually doing the work, the audiovisual translators, been affected by these changes?
Have quality standards and reasonable pay been sacrificed at the altar of the lowest possible price?
Helge Vik
The Interpreter Speaks: Technology Trials and Tribulations
It has long be said that interpreters will not be replaced by technology, but that they will be replaced with interpreters who are adept at technology. But is all tech good?
Judy Jenner, Twin Translations
12:00‑13:00LUNCH and time to visit our Exhibitors
13:00‑13:45Machine translation for public administrations in Europe: possibilites and challenges
eTranslation is EUs in-house automatic translation service. It’s a component in various digital services, but can also be used as a stand-alone service for translating documents and snippets. Jon Arild will present some of the possibilities and challenges of eTranslation from the perspective of the Nordic languages.
Jon Arild Olsen, Norwegian National Library

13:45‑14:30Cross-cultural intelligence: why quality matters for Nordic communication in English
Ian will discuss the relationship between quality and business knowledge in English-speaking communications in the Nordic countries. Nordic products and services have an enviable reputation worldwide, one of quality, innovation and reliability, but how is this reflected in the English that Nordic organizations produce? How do Nordic businesses really sound in English, and are they taking that voice and image seriously enough?
Ian Mac Eochagáin, Maceochi Language Services
14:30‑15:00LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND COFFEE – served in the Exhibition area
15:00‑16:00Technology’s Impact on Translations: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow From Different Perspectives.
5 top Nordic LSPs share their thoughts on technology development in their companies.

AAC Global, AdHoc, Delingua, Kommunicera, Teknotrans

Moderator Josef Kubovsky, Memsource

Some of the panelists have made strategical decisions about technology in the past, some are doing it today, and some are planning to do so. We will hear their experiences from the past and present and hear their plans for the future.
We expect the attendees to join the discussion which may help them benefit from the panelist's experience and consider it when building their strategy.

16:00‑16:30Sunsetting CAT
Closing keynote by Jochen Hummel
Informal after-conference get-together
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