Call for papers for #NTIF2024


Human relevance

In a world increasingly influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the question of how humans can stay relevant is very much on our hearts and minds. AI may assist and automate, but it cannot replicate the magic of human connection, the spark of inspiration, and the steady guidance of emotional intelligence. Therefore – now more than ever – we need to highlight the relevance of humans.

We have therefore chosen “Human Relevance” as the NTIF2024 program theme and we want to hear your story! On successful collaborations with business partners, with vendors, with clients, on technology, in supporting local language initiatives or anything else where the community spirit is in focus.

In addition to our keynote presentation and keynote panel, the NTIF2024 program will have two parallel main tracks, one track focusing on core localization and translation related topics and one focusing on interpretation and media localization.

Help us to compose the perfect mix of presentations by suggesting topics and speakers, or send in your own proposal for a session at #NTIF2024.

Session formats:

  • Short provocative session followed by inspiring discussions (30 min)
  • Panel discussion (60 min) – please introduce the topic together with the moderator and up to four candidates to be on the panel
  • Master Class (90 min) – this could be a training or in-depth interactive presentation, as a break out session or part of the main program
  • Think Tank (90 min) – suggest a topic or facilitator to our unconference styled topic oriented workshops

Priority is given to presentations by Nordic or Baltic stakeholders or case studies including Nordic or Baltic companies and brands. Please make sure to submit proposals that have not previously been presented at other language industry conferences. We are open to suggestions on alternative presentation formats.

By submitting your proposal, you confirm that you have the authority and mandate to present the topic at NTIF and that you have the budget to cover all your expenses.

Speakers who are accepted in the main program are entitled to a 30% discount on the conference fee (not applicable to panelists or co-speakers).

Submit your contribution as soon as possible, but no later than 31 May 2024.

Thank you! 

call for papers

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