Conference report by Nimdzi Insights

Conference report by Sarah Hickey

This year, the ninth Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF) was hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden, from November 24 to 26. Over 170 attendees from more than 26 countries traveled to the largest non-capital city in the Nordics to exchange ideas and engage in lively debate and friendly competition. Nimdzi Insights was among the mingling crowd too.

The NTIF format

Nine years ago, Anne-Marie Colliander-Lind and Cecilia Enbäck saw a need for a conference where language industry professionals from the Nordics could come together. What was intended as a one-off event has proven so successful that it has run every year since, and there is no end in sight.

This year’s NTIF conference kicked off with optional master classes (e.g. for sales) the day before the first official day of the conference. In the evening, conference attendees from around the globe were welcomed with a champagne reception and warm hugs from their international colleagues, while a pianist softly tickled the ivories in the background.

The two main conference days were divided into a variety of segments. While day one had one mixed track, day two was split into two tracks: one with a focus on translation and localization and one on interpreting.

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