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Welcome to Tallinn!

Mark the dates 7 and 8 November and join us for two fully packed conference days on “Community in Business” in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

From the 13th century until the first half of the 20th century, Tallinn was known in most of the world by variants of its other historical name Reval. 

Reval is the historical name of Tallinn

Do you know that Tallinn has the highest number of startup companies per person among all capitals and larger cities in Europe? We hope to get hold of some of these for our program! Today, Tallinn is also known as the city of Unicorns.

In 2007, Tallinn was among the top-10 digital cities in the world, and in 2022, Tallinn was listed among the top-10 “medium-sized European cities of the future” by fDi Magazine. That seems promising for us.

/Cecilia & Anne-Marie

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What are you sinking about? https://ntif.se/what-are-you-sinking-about/ https://ntif.se/what-are-you-sinking-about/#respond Sat, 15 Oct 2022 11:12:53 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=10629 What are you sinking about? Read More »


What is a Think Tank?

What are you sinking about…?
We all remember the famous Berlitz commercial encouraging people to learn better English. But what are YOU actually thinking about?

At this year’s edition of NTIF, we welcome you to conversations in five different Think Tanks (in addition to our regular presentations). These are moderated, topical workshops in unconference style, where you set the agenda. The Think Tanks will run in parallel with the main program for NTIF2022, all through the duration of the conference.


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Don’t mind us, we’re just here for the bubbly 🥂 https://ntif.se/dont-mind-us-were-just-here-for-the-bubbly-%f0%9f%a5%82/ https://ntif.se/dont-mind-us-were-just-here-for-the-bubbly-%f0%9f%a5%82/#respond Thu, 08 Sep 2022 06:19:35 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=10157 Don’t mind us, we’re just here for the bubbly 🥂 Read More »

Jokes aside, networking and pleasant social interaction with industry peers is the key to any successful conference. And NTIF2022 will be no exception! We all love to meet and greet colleagues, business partners, vendors, friends and new acquaintances in an informal friendly environment. It’s as simple as that.

All good things come in threes which is why NTIF is sponsoring the bubbly at three prominent and important industry events in the month of September.

Have a drink on us in Helsinki at #Kieli2022 on 9 September, in London at #ATCStargazing on 21 September, and in Vilnius at #EliaND on 29-30 September.



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Contribute to NTIF2022? https://ntif.se/contribute-to-ntif2022/ https://ntif.se/contribute-to-ntif2022/#respond Sun, 10 Jul 2022 13:19:26 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=9904 Want to contribute to the #NTIF2022 content – the call for papers is now open. We are looking for short provocative sessions followed by inspiring discussions on our theme “Innovation, Inspiration & Integration. Welcome to submit your proposal.

Call for papers – NTIF

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NTIF2021 will happen! https://ntif.se/ntif2021/ https://ntif.se/ntif2021/#respond Tue, 05 Oct 2021 17:28:26 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=9264
Check it out! We have just pre-opened registration for #NTIF2021. Don’t want to miss out on the fun? Book your seat and accommodation now.
Program and speakers will be announced, on our website, latest end of the week.
Yay, let’s meet in-person again!
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Looking back at NTIF 2020 https://ntif.se/looking-back-at-ntif-2020/ https://ntif.se/looking-back-at-ntif-2020/#respond Tue, 22 Dec 2020 12:25:56 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=9190 Looking back at NTIF 2020 Read More »


Few of us expected 2020 to be the most topsy-turvy year of our lifetime. Multiple vaccines now march toward emergency approval, but the end date of restricted socializing and mandatory home office is unknown.

It is easy to think that we are no more future-fit today than we were when COVID-19 first stole headlines a year ago. And it would only be natural for those of us in the translation industry to raise a white flag of surrender in the face of such uncertainty — especially as we look toward continued Zoom calls and socially-distanced events rather than the in-person conferences that have connected the industry.

However, NTIF 2020, held November 17 via the Remo platform, rejected this premise. The event drew 140 participants from 20 countries. As the second wave of the pandemic reached its crest, NTIF’s keynote speakers not only showed us how to reframe our thinking to succeed in this turbulent market, but proved that many of us are already implementing these best practices… and reaping the benefits.

Futurologist Magnus Lindkvist offered six imperatives for how to thrive in the face of a future that escapes our comprehension at every turn. He argued that the tendency for businesses and the media to be out of sync with reality explains our failure to be prepared for this moment. The remedy, he said, is to re-conceptualize the future, which starts with changing its part of speech. It may no longer be a noun. We need “to future.”

Here’s how Lindkvist suggests we start:

  1. Look elsewhere
  2. X-periment
  3. Be a loser
  4. Have an open relationship with the rules
  5. Seek creative friction
  6. Survive three sorrows

The post-presentation discussion revealed a startling reality: while many of us struggle acutely with one or two of these points, we are already implementing most of them on the job every day. We are by now used to looking elsewhere for a creative solution to a unique problem. We eagerly seek healthy creative friction from our colleagues, and who has not survived three sorrows in 2020 alone? Lindkvist reminded participants that of all the skills in our pandemic-survival toolbox, these six are the most urgently needed now, and we were grateful for the reminder.

For her keynote address, marketing specialist Annsi Krol seamlessly used technology to get attendees’ thoughts on that same technology’s ever-expanding presence in our home offices, and suggested ways to preserve the human element in the midst of a virtual work life. She used the instant-messaging function available with the Remo event platform to tally a quick estimate of the number of sales representatives in attendance. With the Slido polling platform, she generated real-time survey results in response to opinion questions about working from home, virtual meetings, and camera etiquette (Bad news for our shy readers: The overwhelming majority of respondents prefers that all participants in virtual meetings have their cameras on).

After putting forward a few tips for making socially-distanced Zoom meetings personal and engaging, she opened the floor once again for participants to share their own ideas. The combined list was inspiring:

  • Have each participant in a meeting contribute one business question and one fun off-topic question
  • Use this opportunity to make meetings more structured and efficient
  • Explore new target groups that you couldn’t explore when face-to-face meetings were the norm
  • Expand the virtual to include the personal — the chat board lit up with interest and enthusiasm when one attendee announced her plan to organize a virtual wine tasting as her company’s Christmas party

Krol’s effortless integration of the various virtual communication tools boldly underscored the consensus that emerged later in private discussions: many of us have already found ways to keep meetings collaborative and dynamic, and anyone who was scratching their heads before NTIF now have a goody bag full of ready-to-go tricks to spice up their next stand-up.

Magnus Lindkvist equipped us with a roadmap to navigate the great unknown. Annsi Krol showed us how to stick together despite the miles and monitor screens between us. In the networking discussions, participants emboldened each other to face the current Covid climate with courage. And we all realized that we are far better at “futuring” than we thought.


Jake Baskin, Multilingual 03-12-2020

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“Ställ inte in – Ställ om!” https://ntif.se/stall-inte-in-stall-om/ https://ntif.se/stall-inte-in-stall-om/#respond Tue, 20 Oct 2020 18:10:10 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=9097 “Ställ inte in – Ställ om!” Read More »


“Ställ inte in – Ställ om!”

This phrase works so well in Swedish (literally translates into “don’t cancel, adjust”) but it’s really hard to get the same semantic essence when transcreating it into English. As non-linguists, and with a little help from an English native speaker, our tagline when Covid-19 hit the world, became Don’t Refrain – Rethink!

Being a conference organizer, with an international audience, in a new reality where people are not allowed to travel anymore is, for sure, a nightmare. 

This year we would have brought NTIF, the Nordic Translation & Interpretation Forum, to Iceland for our 10th anniversary conference. Already a year ago we booked the same, and so beloved, keynote speaker as in Iceland 2015 – Magnus Lindkvist. Everything was so exciting and promising; field trips were made in late February and we knew we had found the perfect venue. This was going to be a great conference, and perhaps even the last one. And then, boom, came the virus. In contrast to many other conferences, ours was scheduled for late autumn so in the beginning of the pandemic, we sat tight and figured the dangerous Covid-19 would abate and things would get back to normal after the summer. Well, we all know now that that didn’t happen.

So early August the NTIF team, in other words Cecilia Enbäck and Anne-Marie Colliander, met at a conference venue in the south of Stockholm to decide whether to have a conference or not. We were already by then determined we didn’t want yet another virtual conference. Our attendees come to NTIF for the content and they stay for the networking, and the people, the business opportunities and for the fun and the dancing. NTIF is known to do things differently, so we had to put our brains together to come up with something smart. If not virtually, how would we meet?

We decided to not refrain, but to rethink! The new concept developed into organising a staged event in Stockholm with a maximum capacity of 50 people in compliance with Swedish Covid regulations. From Stockholm we would stream the content to a number of satellite conferences around the Nordics and the Baltics. Every country and city would adjust to local governmental restrictions and use a venue where Covid measures had been taken to ensure the safety of the audience. In public viewing style, the satellites would, in groups of 5, 10 or 20 peers, enjoy the same content as the main conference. In addition, 1,5 hours were set aside for local content for our hosts like SKY and EATC, mainly due to the time difference between CET and EET. With the help of technology (and a technical producer) everyone would be able to follow what was happening on the main stage and ask questions directly to the speakers, regardless if you were located in Riga, Helsinki, Malmö or Tallinn. Speed networking across borders would happen over Remo, the now more or less industry standard platform. With this set-up, we would be able to host a conference with up to 150 attendees but in 6 different locations. Brilliant!

The registration opened on 1 October and we had very brave attendees who immediately signed up, despite the fact that there wasn’t even a program published yet. We felt we had hit the mark, we had found the sweet spot of what everyone was longing for – to come together, physically. We nailed it! Let the fun begin!

And then, only a few days ago, Europe was struck by a second Covid-19 wave and many countries are facing the risk of more lock-downs. What to do now? One thing is for sure, we won’t Refrain, we will Rethink! So, stay tuned for another brilliant idea…

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Keynote Speaker 2020 https://ntif.se/keynote-speaker-2020/ https://ntif.se/keynote-speaker-2020/#respond Wed, 14 Oct 2020 09:51:29 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=8948 Keynote Speaker 2020 Read More »


We are super excited to once again welcome Magnus Lindkvist as this year’s keynote speaker. Magnus will deliver a thought provoking speech with the intriguing title “F**k the Future”.

”Vision 2020” used to mean a bright, shiny place where all our dreams come true.  Today, it means wearing a face mask and maintaining a 2 meter distance from other people.
The Future failed. What do we do now? Magnus Lindkvist’s talk at NTIF 2020 will be an anti-futurist talk where he reinvents the entire concept of what future-thinking is, should be and could be. Prepare to be inspired by a Mille Feuille of ideas spanning from pop culture and Nobel-prize winning inventions to business case-studies and the many merits of hating your team members (yes, you read that right).

Magnus Lindkvist is a Swedish lecturer, trend spotter and futurologist. He is author to the books Everything we know is wrong (2009) and The Attack of the Unexpected (2010). In 2009, he was named Speaker of the Year in Sweden by Talarforum.

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Danske Translatører turns 30 years https://ntif.se/danske-translatorer-turns-30-years/ https://ntif.se/danske-translatorer-turns-30-years/#respond Tue, 14 Apr 2020 16:03:33 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=8710 Danske Translatører turns 30 years Read More »

Happy belated 30-year anniversary to Danske Translatører!

Did we just attend the last industry event in the spring of 2020? It seems so. Only the week after the anniversary conference on 7 March, Denmark closed and most industry events have been cancelled or postponed to later on.

So how was it, this last opportunity for social networking and knowledge sharing? It was warm. It was fun. And it was very Danish, language wise, which was surely challenging for our Swedish ears to switch to Danish for an afternoon. Neither of us wanted to admit we could have used the available interpretation into English from time to time.

We were all warmly greeted by the chairman of the board Mette Aarslew to the extremely charming venue in Brøndsalen at Frederiksberg.

The conference was moderated by the actor Oliver Zahle who guided us through the afternoon. He claimed he is always trying to make the world around him more understandable and said he considered himself a translator, but as we all know how hard it is to know the difference (NOT!), he probably meant interpreter. Nah…. Good start anyway!

A few highlights:

The first speaker was Lars Trap-Jensen from the Society for Danish Language and Literature who talked about how changed usage of words drives the editors to work into redefining them. It was a really interesting insight into how much the Danish people like to interact and try to influence how new words should be defined. As Lars noted, it’s a fine line on deciding whose special interest should rule the definitions.

Lars was followed by Ellen Wulf who continued by talking about translating “One Thousand and One Nights” into Danish from 15th century Arabic. Ellen claimed it was indeed very easy as written Arabic has not changed so much during the centuries. It was very nice to listen to such a classic humanist in our otherwise very technical linguistic world.

The modern translation technology and the company perspective was presented by Christel Weber Gouas, Lead Language Consultant at Ørsted who talked about the company’s internationalization journey. The company consists of 68 nationalities and one of her team’s roles is to facilitate and promote multilingualism in the company. She described how company glossaries were set up, as well as how the usage of a simple CAT tool combined with an MT engine available over the intranet made communication easier across internal language barriers.

The author Jesper Tynell made us very aware of the fact that Danish civil servants actually need to learn how to answer a question so that people think they say what they are expected to say but without anyone ever understanding what it actually meant. Or something like that. Tricky anyhow and it does not seem like the Swedish concept of Klarspråk or the Plain English campaign really have reached Denmark yet. At least not in politics.

The afternoon went by very quickly and before the dinner we all had a chance to mingle with peers over a glass of wine (on NTIF) in the venue. We left the laughing group of language industry experts as they took their seats for dinner and managed to catch the last train across the bridge back to Sweden. Little did we know that our mobility was to be brutally restricted only days later. In hindsight – we should have stayed for dinner!

 Thank you and all the best for your next 30 years to Danske Translatører!

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Nordic Values and Paying It Forward https://ntif.se/nordic-values-and-paying-it-forward/ https://ntif.se/nordic-values-and-paying-it-forward/#respond Fri, 13 Dec 2019 10:48:32 +0000 https://ntif.se/?p=8645 Nordic Values and Paying It Forward Read More »

Another successful #NTIF2019 has come to an end.

One might think that the world already has enough language industry events. However, there was a need and a wish to have a Nordic forum, and we at Semantix have supported this wonderful idea and event from the beginning.

One might ask, aren’t we all global by nature? Still, we are all also inherently connected to our local cultures and values. That, as we all know, is what makes our business and expertise so valuable for our customers.

Read the full post here!

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