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Our next conference will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 24–26 November 2019


Conference theme: Don’t refrain. Rethink!

Find out more about the conference program below!


17 november






Local program 

More info to come!


Local program 

More info to come!

Local program 

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Welcome – conference officially starts


Fuck the future 

Keynote by Magnus Lindkvist


Local lunches



Remo networking



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Remo networking



Remo networking



Unconference – open for participants working at corporate, governmental or organizational level


Registration Master classes

25 November inside track & main conference

Banquet hall: Maximize Translation Efficiency Through Automation and AI 

We will show concrete application about how enterprises and LSPs can use Memsource to maximize the efficiency of their translation processes. The presentation will include a demonstration of Memsource’s AI-powered non-translatable, auto project creation, automation widget, and other features. 

Filip Nemec, Memsource

Sandberg:  WordFinder is the world’s leading dictionary service.
Winner of PIC Europe 2018. See how you or your team can benefit and be more productive using WordFinder.
This session will also include testimonials from some of our clients.

 Ola Persson, Wordfinder

Evert Taube: LBS Suite…what else?
Anna Kozubek & Christine Xaysakda, LBS Suite


Banquet hall: Building and using custom MT engines
A discussion of custom vs generic engines and their different use cases
Greg Horváth, Globalese

Sandberg: Språkföretagen – what do we do? 
Session in Swedish by board member Jonas Ahlstedt

Evert Taube: 
Lingual assignments coordination, a big headache or an enjoyable job?

If you coordinate interpretations (spoken/sign languages) and/or translation assignments, you need to see how Lingsom can help to manage your resources in a more efficient way. Also, your clients and assignees will appreciate it, if you use a Digital Management System with intuitive, multifunctional and secure interfaces for them.

As far as we know, there are not many Managements Systems developed exactly to deal with both interpretations and translation assignments. So, this is one other reason to participate in this session.

Cyrus Jebraeil, Lingsom Oy

Sandberg: Thrive in the perfect storm. From a product and service concept to ecosystem thinking.

Translation is facing a perfect storm. There is an increasing demand for content due to the enormous success of content marketing and globalization. The customer of today is omnichannel and tech savvy. Contents are created in smaller units but reach higher volumes and frequencies. Multilingual is needed in a fast and cost-efficient way. The LSP of tomorrow is shifting from a single product or service concept to ecosystem thinking.

Automating the translation back end has been a must for many years, including MT for the last 2-3 years. Automating the pulling and pushing of content will be a must for the years to come. It is simply impossible to be an expert in everything. The only way to survive and thrive in a perfect storm is to pick the right ecosystem to join.

We will explain what role our content connectors and localization middleware play in this.

Nancy Hähnel Xillio

Evert Taube: XTRF
We will discuss how XTRF helps companies improve their bottom line by making better use of their internal and external assets, by knowing what sales

Banquet hall: One-Woman Army: How European Parliament Bravely Battled 1000 Translator Tests and Won

Kirill SOLOVIEV, Co-Founder & CEO, ContentQuo, Estonia
Angelika VAASA, Head of Unit, Quality Coordination, European Parliament DG Translation, Luxembourg

9:00-11:45 – in parallell
Unconference – open for participants working at corporate, governmental or organizational level

Mingle lunch

Conference introduction by Anne-Marie Colliander Lind & Cecilia Enbäck

Short announcement from our keynote sponsor


Keynote speaker: Nicholas Fernholm

New technology is developing at a quicker pace than ever before. Much of this technological development leads to automation which effects society and the way we define work. Read more…

Coffee break

Banquet hall: Lone Ravnholt Kanstrup, Ørsted: Supporting the employee globalisation journey – tips & tricks from the trenches. Read more…

15:00-16:00 (workshop)
Evert Taube: Henrik Sundberg, GLOBALscandinavia: Automation from Below: Software Robotics in the Language Service Industry Read more…30

Banquet hall: Rowan Holloway, Volvo Cars: Delivering great customer experiences at global scale – the Volvo Cars story

Trond Samstad, Samtext. Why do the translations not work? Read more…

Matthew Ogden, The Bearded Wit: Once Upon A Time… Read more…
Closure day 1

20:00 – 

Conference dinner at L’Avenue, Kungsportsavenyn 1

26 November main conference

Day 2 introduction

George Drummond, AIIC

One Trial – Four Languages: The Interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials

The Nuremberg Trials were a historically significant event that witnessed the breakthrough of a phenomenon that has been shaping international economic and political relations ever since, the art of simultaneous interpreting.

Coffee break

Banquet hall: Carolina Kühnemann, Translator Scandinavia & Gaëtan Chrétiennot, Six Continents: NMT: from Not My Type and Need More Time to Now My Turn!

Sandberg: Sarah Hickey, Nimdzi Insights: Interpreting across the globe – No one size fits all Read more…

Banquet hall: Anna Pietruszka, Summa Linguae: The Role of Company Culture in Mergers and Acquisitions Read more…

Sandberg: Sergio Llorian, VoiceBoxer & Judy Jenner, Twin translations: Interpreters, Technology, and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting: What’s New? Read more…


Banquet hall: Pernilla Abrahamsson & Pelle Nauclér, Plint: Disruption of an industry – How to deploy workflows and resources in the everchanging digital media landscape and challenge the conventional business models. Read more…

Sandberg: Mattias Schain, Semantix: Interpretation services and service design – are we building what the procurers request or what the users need? Read more…

Banquet hall: Maria Westin & Lars Thorsell, Svensk Medietext: Accessibility – reinventing the wheel?

Sandberg: Jonas Ahlstedt & Peter Haglund, Transvoice: From human interpreter to language-bots, the digital revolution of interpreting? Read more…

Coffee break

Brain ring
Moderated by Konstantin Dranch
Your key employee plotting to leave with your clients. Your production and sales argue against each other. Your key client asks for another 10% discount, or he would leave. What do you do? In the Brain Ring, participants quickly respond to a succession of anonymized management cases recorded from real business situations. A board of experienced judges scores the answers and elects the winner of the contest. Let the most convincing CEO win!


Closing keynote: Thomas Hylland Eriksen: The treacherous shoals of the translator’s art: On globalisation and cultural context

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