Andreas Ekström

Andreas Ekström

The Power of &

“The Power of &” introduces a new mode of thinking that goes against many’s ideas of strong leadership and harks back to methods used successfully for years before digitalisation. Andreas talks about reclaiming nuanced discussion and advocates for how a steady, analytical, greyscale mode of thinking is more sustainable and productive for a world in digital disruption. He provides a toolbox for how to make decisions and negotiate in a healthier, more meaningful way in order to create a sustainable digital society.

About Andreas Ekström

Andreas Ekström is a writer, journalist and thought leader. The author of nine books, Andreas analyses the online world, media, and digital equality for the Swedish daily newspaper Sydsvenskan. In his talks, Andreas shares his ideas about what is required in order to work better, and more sustainably, not only to build a digitally healthy society, but a society as a whole.

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