Anna Pietruszka

Anna Pietruszka

Summa Linguae

About the session

The Role of Company Culture in Mergers and Acquisitions


The actual results of mergers and acquisitions don’t always live up to expectations.M&A growth strategies promise a multitude of strategic opportunities; from rapid growth, to eliminating competition, to access to new markets. And many organizations are currently, or have, embarked on merger and acquisition growth strategies to varying effect. When asked about the primary causes of these mixed results, most leaders cite a misalignment between the two organizations’ cultures. This friction can wreak havoc as the members of different groups assimilate to drive the performance gains that M&A strategies forecast. But the titans of  localization industry are not the only companies engaging in these types of deals. Companies of all shapes and sizes are actively engaged in M&A growth strategies to help position themselves to compete. And organizations of all sizes must be mindful of how company culture plays a role in M&A success.

I will be speaking from the perspective of having done several acquisitions& mergers all over the world and from the perspective of someone who has successfully completed a “true” merger in our industry.


Attendees will see the comparison of mergers vs. traditional acquisitions culture integration, get answers to questions such as what are the advantages of a merger, and what are the risks connected to a merger and why business culture understanding is crucial for M&A success?

About Anna

Anna is a Change Maker with extensive experience in business model design, transformation and shaping. A Transformation Leader with wide-range experience in designing and managing complex change processes. Business model creator, developing and implementing strategies around company growth and mergers and acquisitions. Exfluency Co- Founder, Executive Advisor at Summa Linguae Technologies.

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