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About the session

Cracking the Code of Connection: Why in the Age of AI, Community Building Matters More Than Ever!

In today’s tech-driven world, the rise of AI and remote working has transformed the way we operate. However, amidst the digital landscape, one undeniable truth stands out: the importance of genuine human connection has never been more critical.

Annsi will shine a light on this essential aspect of our lives, delving into the unique qualities that set us apart from AI and Tech. From unleashing collective creativity to nurturing compassion and fostering a sense of belonging, we’ll explore these irreplaceable human facets.

In an era of remote work and virtual teams, Annsi will decode the complexities of building company culture and meaningful connections, even when physical boundaries are no longer relevant.

Prepare to embark on a journey that transcends technology’s confines, navigates the intricacies of remote teamwork, and underscores why, in this age of AI, community building matters more than ever.

About Annsi

Annsi is the dynamic leader of the great team at Ventla, your go-to platform for all things event, community, and information hub related. With over 25 years of Tech and Communications wizardry under her belt, she’s practically a walking encyclopedia of innovation in comms.

Annsi’s heart beats to the rhythm of community building. She’s on a mission to craft spaces that scream “come on in!” with a focus on inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and that warm and fuzzy feeling of belonging. When she’s not crafting digital wonderlands, you’ll find her donning her superhero cape as part of Women in Tech Sweden.



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