Klaus Fleischmann


Terminology Think Tank

Terminology has been undervalued upstream of localization processes for too long. The advent of LLMs and GenAI makes the necessity of terminology more evident than ever. Let´s find out how we can use this opportunity and position terminology where it belongs: An enabler of LangOps and global knowledge management.

About Klaus

Klaus studied translation, conference interpretation and technical communication in Austria and California. In 1996, he founded Kaleidoscope, a software and consulting group which helps internationally active companies manage successful global content. Kaleidoscope implements market-leading technologies around content and translation, such as RWS Trados or SCHEMA ST4. On top of this foundation, Kaleidoscope adds its own technology: The Kalcium platform helps manage global content quality, enterprise terminology and workflow automation. In 2007, Klaus also became CEO of Austria´s leading LSP, Eurocom Translation Services GmbH. Always active in the industry, Klaus got voted into the GALA Board of Directors in 2015 and 2017, and is currently on the Board of Termnet and ELIA.


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