Tiina Kinnunen

Swipe right or swipe left – how to find your perfect match?

The co-existence of translation agencies and LSPs with freelance translators and interpreters is not unlike a long marriage with its ups and downs, pros and cons. And starting a new relationship is always tricky. You want to be valued as an individual and for your unique characteristics, you want some warmth and excitement and you want mutual trust.

How can you make sure you find the perfect match for you as a freelancer or as a translation agency? How can you ensure that your messages to any potential business partner will be swiped right and not end up in the trash folder? Tiina Kinnunen has plenty of tips for you.

About Tina

Tiina Kinnunen is a veteran of AV translation, who specializes in US politics and translates a lot of Finnish TV and film productions for international audiences and co-productions. She is also the co-author of The Translator’s Guide To the Industry, a combined effort of experienced translators and interpreters to guide newcomers into the field. The same group of colleagues also organized the Terässä event in 2021, the first-ever Finnish conference that focuses solely on the continuing professional development of translators and interpreters.

Tiina is passionate about giving back to the collegial community and a firm believer in education, often sharing her insights with students and younger colleagues in guest lectures and conferences. She’s also a strong advocate of believing in oneself and standing up for one’s rights. In her free time, she enjoys commenting on everything on Twitter.

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