NTIF 2016 Destination Malmö

by Matthew Ogden, NTIF 2016 moderator


How does an already happily productive and inspiring day get even better?

Well, taking part in a conference call with the very lovely Anne-Marie and Cecilia, and being asked if I would be remotely interested in being the NTIF 2016 conference moderator for starters!

Interested? Ladies, I’d be absolutely delighted!

This year, I’m looking forward very much to being even more closely involved in an event at which I have been fortunate enough to speak as a corporate user of language solutions in the past.

As a passionate advocate of honesty and excellence in communication, I find the aims and objectives of NTIF events to be absolutely “on the money” in this regard. The mix of industry specific specialists, their customers, and thought provoking providers of inspiration, make, I believe, for a genuinely valuable and insightful couple of days. And in this instance I see my job very much as the bearded and benevolent “stick-poker”, there to prod and chivvy everyone along, should it be necessary, to ensure that value is actually delivered for everyone in attendance.

I have worked over many years (the beard is greying now) in what, looking back on it, basically resembles something of a portfolio career – stints with Bestseller Group, LEGO, the BBC, Endemol, and the Financial Times, have been interspersed with various forays into work as a session musician (I can tell you more about that over a glass of wine in the evening).

But, whatever, and wherever I have been, from the service and solutions provider, to being the demanding and engaged client, I have always been driven by a passion for sharing. Enabling, engaging, and inspiring ALL of those involved in the communications process, every step of the way. Remembering, that regardless of the language and the social and cultural context, one should always remember to speak in a way that demonstrates your desire to be understood.

When you are the coal face, as it were, it can sometimes be easy to forget this simple fact. The “day-to-day” can sometimes cloud the longer view towards the horizon. Of course, this is perfectly understandable, invoices need to be paid, deadlines need to be met. But it is important not to lose sight of the reason why we do the day-to-day in the first place.

The spark. The joy.

That’s why events such as NTIF are so important. It’s an opportunity to meet, to mingle, to share ideas, inspiration, and innovations. And, hopefully, it’s also a way to recharge a bit, and return home with at least a little spring in your step.

I do hope to be able to meet as many of you as I can over the duration of the event, whether you attend as a delegate, exhibitor or speaker. It is always a pleasure for me to hear what motivates and inspires you, and indeed what challenges and opportunities you face. Together I hope we can ensure that your time at NTIF is truly meaningful. Oh, and fun – let’s not forget that!

Until November then!

(Oh, and about the “pokey-stick” stuff I mentioned earlier? Don’t worry, I don’t really prod that hard. Scouts honour.)





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