Björn Lifvergren

Björn Lifvergren

LinQ Media Group

About the session

Media localization, challenges and opportunities

Market Consolidation
The global media market has seen consolidation trends like never before. How does this impact media localization and does this really mean that they want to place all their eggs in the same basket.

What is the real impact of AI in the subtitling and dubbing market? How does this affect the way freelancers work and how will AI inspire new roles in the industry?

What are the new roles in Media Localization and if so, what are they?

Björn Lifvergren – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of LinQ Media Group will give his personal view on these important topics


About Björn

Björn Lifvergren is co-founder and Executive Chairman at LinQ Media Group. Prior to starting LinQ with his former senior management colleagues, Lennart Löf and Henrik Wikren, Björn was the founder and CEO of BTI Studios for more than 20 years and developed BTI from a €300k company to a global leader with 25 offices in 22 countries, and revenues exceeding €125m before leaving in 2018. Today he expects to generate the same success with his growing team in Stockholm but with a new approach and a distinctive goal.

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