Britta Aagaard

Britta Aagaard


About the session

TransPerfect & Semantix – How and why the most global got more global

The news about the TransPerfect-Semantix merger took the industry by surprise. What is the rationale behind the largest M&A transaction in TransPerfect’s history and what does it mean for the Nordic market and language industry community?

About Britta

With an academic background in philosophy and the science of language, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, Britta joined the language industry in 2004, was the CEO of TextMinded® until the company became part of Semantix in 2017, responsible for the Semantix Group’s total business within localization and advanced language solutions. Today Semantix is part of the TransPerfect family of companies, ready to scale its excellence on a global growth platform.

Further, Britta is serving on the Board of Directors of LT-Innovate to promote Language Intelligence and she has a clear vision and commitment to creating a scalable business platform through sustainable integrations of people, technology, and solutions for a prosperous and democratic digital future.


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