Dainius Sabaliauskas


Unveiling Cultural Biases: Nordic & Baltic Countries

About the session

When the Eurotradus guys hit the streets of Tallinn, we will dive headfirst into the matters of cultural biases surrounding the Nordic and Baltic countries. This will be an electrifying presentation that will challenge your beliefs and take you on a wild ride.

Prepare to question everything as we scrutinize the jokes circulating about neighbors: what anecdotes do Swedes tell about Norwegians or Lithuanians about Estonians? Are these stories rooted in reality, or are they just biased tales with no connection to the truth?

Sometimes these stereotypes act as stumbling blocks for successful business endeavors. Unraveling these cultural intricacies is crucial for fruitful professional communication and collaboration.

We are ready to present our (mis)conceptional findings that will shatter clichés about the Nordic and Baltic folks. Get ready to challenge the status quo, dissect neighborly jokes, and separate fact from fiction.

This presentation is not your run-of-the-mill snooze fest – it’s interactive, edgy, and provocative. You’ll have the chance to vote in live polls, share narratives, and even crack your own jokes. Get ready for an experience that’ll leave you with valuable insights and the ability to forge partnerships like a pro!

About Dainius

Dainius Sabaliauskas is the founder and CEO of Eurotradus, a translation and localization company, as well as a board member and former president of the Association of Lithuanian Translation Companies (ALTC), a member of Rotary.

With an academic background and over 25 years of experience as a linguist and journalist, he holds a Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting, complemented by an Executive Master of Business Administration.

In collaboration with his colleagues at ALTC, Dainius has organized and hosted multiple language industry conferences. He is equally dedicated to fostering the next generation, providing lectures and internships for translation students at Lithuanian universities, with a special focus on language technologies.

As an enthusiastic communicator, Dainius has shared his insights on intercultural communication with entrepreneurs at various business conferences in Lithuania.

He manages an educational Facebook forum for Lithuanian translators and interpreters with over 1,400 followers, and contributes articles to public media, such as “7 facts about the Lithuanian language”.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dainius is the author of a book of fairy tales for children and adults, a caring dad of two sons and a daughter, and a passionate tennis player.


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