Filipe Tiago Stankovic


About the workshop

Managing to Learn

Customer complaints don’t have to be a source of stress and emotion. In fact, if they are handled through structured dialogue and deep analysis where the focus in on processes not blaming people, they can be golden opportunities for improvement and building stronger customer relationships.
In our think tank we intend to conduct a work shop style root cause analysis where we will show how to use a problem solving sheet, which we will provide to every attendee and apply specific tools like the 5 whys technique and fishbone diagram to help people identify the root causes behind each complaint and how to address those in a scientific way.
Finally, we will talk about how one can use the data from these complaint sheets to better guide organizations and help them focus on the sources of pain with the highest impact.

About Filipe

Filipe Tiago Stankovic is a young and very motivated CEO who has been working as such for the last 3 years. He originally started by getting his hands dirty and being involved in every possible step imaginable of the company. Now he is a bit more focused on (just) management. He loves learning and has been truly blessed by an opportunity (although sometimes burden :p ) very few young people get: to be in charge and to be able to actually try his new ideas from all the books he reads.

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