Jonas Ahlstedt

Jonas Ahlstedt


About the session

From human interpreter to language-bots, the digital revolution of interpreting?

Over the last 10 years, there has been a drastic change in customer demand in Sweden, from onsite interpretation services to a remote demand. Through its offering of call centre, in-house operations, Transvoice has driven the development of the new service mix in the market. The development of speech-analytics and AI language technology is moving fast. Digital alternatives to the human interpreter are requested more and more by Swedish authorities, how will this affect the interpretation industry? Is the human interpreter profession threatened? We will demonstrate a digital approach, which will complement the company’s language portfolio and, maybe, revolutionise the interpretation industry in the future.

About Jonas

Jonas has an entrepreneurial background within the marketing and communication field. He has vast experience in business development from various industries, such as media, telecom and online retailing. The last 12 years Jonas has served as CEO of Transvoice, a leading LSP in Sweden with 150 employees and a yearly turnover of about 30 MEUR.

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