Judy Jenner

Judy Jenner

Twin Translations

About the session

At NTIF18, Judy Jenner played devil’s advocate and presented the interpreter perspective on RSI challenges (with a focus on the US market) and some of the main interpreter concerns. Sergio Llorian, CEO of Voiceboxer, was in the audience and shared his excellent perspective from the technology side. Now both of them are back to discuss what’s happened in RSI in the last 12 months. While neither one of them has a crystal ball, they will share what they expect the future for both interpreting technology companies and interpreters might look like and will also discuss recent developments from both perspectives. This interactive session is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about RSI without the hype or a sales pitch.


About Judy

Judy Jenner is a big fan of Scandinavia and must have been Swedish in her past life. In addition, she’s a Spanish, German, and English business and legal translator and a federally court-certified Spanish interpreter in the United States (specifically, in Las Vegas). She has an MBA in marketing and runs her boutique translation and interpreting business, Twin Translations, with her twin sister Dagmar. She serves as spokesperson for the American Translators Association, writes the blog Translation Times, pens the “Entrepreneurial Linguist” column for The ATA Chronicle. She is the co-author of The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation.  She teaches interpretation at the University of California-San Diego and at her alma mater, the University of Nevada Las Vegas (yes, there is a university in Las Vegas). Judy flies a lot for her interpreting assignments and her special talent is (trying to) memorize airport codes.


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