Linus Kullänger

Linus Kullänger

Care to Translate

About the session

Interpretation Apps – a supplement or a replacement in today’s multilingual health care communication?

Today’s interpretation and translation services only cover a fragment of the actual need in health care. It is still difficult, time consuming and expensive for many to book an interpreter even though the industry has been focusing on price pressure and more flexible services with on-demand-interpretation.

Interpretation apps were introduced a few years ago as supplements to human interpreters to fill the need but have lately started to be more and more seen as possible replacements. Where is the place for interpretation apps in todays’ multilingual health care communication and how will they change the future of the industry?

About Linus

Linus Kullänger is the CEO and co-founder of Care to Translate, the most used interpretation app on the market. He started the company during his medical studies where he saw the need for more flexible, safe and low-threshold tools that healthcare staff could use when communicating with patients who spoke another language.

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