Lone Ravnholt Kanstrup


About the session

Supporting the employee globalisation journey – tips & tricks from the trenches
We discovered that to really go global, we needed to do more than just focus on the business. We also needed to support our employees’ globalisation journey. We decided to offer readily available language tools catering to a global footprint of employees instead of just focusing on our Danish employees. Hear what tools have worked and what haven’t, and what to focus on when you select tools.

About Lone

Lone started her career in the localisation industry as a translator. She’s spent the past 15+ years nurturing language and language technology at both industrial companies and language service providers. Today, Lone works at Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy), an energy company with 6,300 employees globally and a strong presence in Denmark. She’s responsible for key account management of internal customers, language project management, terminology, language technology and language process optimisation. Creating value for the company through high-quality language, localisation and transcreation in close cooperation with external language partners is always top of mind – as is continuous improvement by leveraging technology.

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