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Matthew Ogden

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Once Upon A Time…

…consumers and business decision-makers woke up, stretched and realised that they’d started to feel a bit jaded by the broken promises that were being made to them. In fact, they’d kissed an awful lot of frogs that just turned out to be frogs, and they’d even snogged quite a few Princes… all of which also just turned out to be frogs. Basically, they’d really begun to lose the plot and were certainly not convinced just by the sparkly stuff anymore. They wanted to be part of the story…

Now more than ever, people are looking to invest in a brand’s narrative or story. They respond to it, and will invest in it if it looks, feels and, most of all, actually IS genuine. A 2018 study demonstrates that by telling their brand story well, companies have the power to increase the value of a product or service by a factor of more than 20.

Storytelling works, because our audiences expect it.

But it requires a bold and clear approach from leadership, coupled with a vision that is both innovative and intuitive. Customer needs change all the time and their behaviours shift accordingly, meaning that leaders and their teams need to really pay attention to the landscape in which they find themselves, and be adaptable and agile in their approach to marketing their brand to consumers – of telling their story to their audience.

From video to VR, from blogs to social media, from broadcasting to podcasts and beyond, there are myriad means at a brand’s disposal through which they can tell their story.

How about we tell a tale together?

About Matthew

Matthew is a storytelling, content, communications, branding and localisation nerd with over 20 years of experience in all manner of online and offline media. This has ranged from broadcast and digital channels, through live event development and production, to the elegantly traditional simplicity of the written word on paper.

He is extremely lucky (and indeed not a little surprised) to have worked with organisations that range from global brands such as the BBC, LEGO, The Financial Times and Endemol Productions to vibrant and quirky start-ups championing innovation and positively disrupting the paradigm.

Through The Bearded Wit he makes this experience available to a broad portfolio of organisations and individuals looking to expand their storytelling horizons.

Words, pictures and podcasts are his thing.

Oh, and he’s also the least well-known world-famous musician in the world.

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