Pelle Nauclér

Pelle Nauclér


About the session

Disruption of an industry – How to deploy workflows and resources in the everchanging digital media landscape and challenge the conventional business models.

Based on our own journey, we will present a new, or at least modified, strategy of creating and maintaining relevance in the fast-paced market. How can we be both standardized and agile to our customers’ needs? How can we manage, assess and keep the best resources in an industry where competency and quality are becoming true deal-breakers? And how can we meet the increasing demand for transparency?

About Pelle

Pelle Nauclér is the founder and Head of Business development at Plint. He has spent his career in media localization and is a veteran subtitler and project manager. More recently, he is the visionary behind Plint, a media localization ecosystem, set to revolutionize how content get localized and distributed.

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