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Sofie Lindblom

Innovative Anchors: Holding Steady in the Winds of Change

Uncover the key principles and constants that provide stability and focus, enabling sustained innovation and success amidst the tumult of a changing world.

As the pace of change accelerates, so must our ability to adapt and innovate. In this keynote, Sofie Lindblom explores the multifaceted forces reshaping our world—from technology and globalization to environmental and social shifts. With a decade of innovation leadership at companies like Spotify and her entrepreneurial ventures, Sofie offers unique insights on leveraging constant change for sustained innovation. This talk will inspire and equip you with the processes and tools to navigate exploration in an ever-evolving landscape.

About Sofie

Sofie Lindblom is a curious innovation leader, entrepreneur, and creator renowned for strengthening innovation capabilities within companies and transforming ideas into tangible outcomes. She is a highly sought-after speaker and is celebrated for her extensive experience on numerous international stages.

Sofie holds a Master of Science in Engineering and Media Technology from Linköping University and the National University of Singapore. Over the past decade, she has led innovative initiatives across diverse roles and organizations. Notably, Sofie was the Head of Innovation at Spotify during a rapid growth phase and has led innovation efforts at leading companies such as H&M, Kronans Apotek, and Electrolux. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder and former CEO of ideation360, a digital platform designed to streamline the collection and management of ideas. In 2020, she launched her second venture, SPCE, to create the world’s first digital salesroom to digitize the customer relationship between organizations and reduce their carbon footprint. Currently, Sofie is the Chief Product Officer at SPCE, leading the product and development teams.

She has held numerous board positions, including five years at Business Sweden and her fifth year on the board of Utbildningsradion. As an active advisor and investor, Sofie is deeply committed to advancing the Nordic startup ecosystem. Her latest venture includes joining Greens as a founding investor. Established by Spotify alumni, this venture capital firm empowers early-stage startups throughout the Nordics.

Sofie is a celebrated changemaker, recognized with numerous awards for her contributions to innovation and transformation. She has been named one of the 100 most influential women in business, one of Sweden’s 100 future female leaders, and one of the 50 most inspiring women in the European technology industry. As a passionate advocate for global exploration, Sofie has broadened her professional and personal horizons by living in diverse locations such as Singapore, France, Australia, and San Francisco.

Sofie Lindblom’s keynotes provide practical processes and tools essential for crafting the future of business through strategic change and real-world innovation. Known for her passion, charismatic presence, and humble humor, Sofie is a popular speaker on both Swedish and international stages, including two TEDx Talks.

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