Ekaterina and #NTIF2018

Hi, my name is Ekaterina. I’m from Russia and I would like to share my emotions from this conference with you.

So, I took part in the translation forum in Russia named TFR in August 2018. I’ve met Anne-Marie there. She is really funny and interesting person. We had a special party there. Suddenly, in the middle of our party she said that she needed one person who had birthday on November 21 (it’s the starting day of NTIF 2018). I couldn’t believe because it was me! I put my hand up and she said that I won the opportunity to participate in this conference free! It was really unexpected!

Finally, November came and I arrived to Norway at my birthday. It was my first time in Europe. At that evening we’d met with the organizers and all participants. Everyone congratulated me and it was very nice and cute. The evening was very warm and funny. We could know each other better. The main reports were on November 22-23.

Honestly, I enjoyed everything! The organization was the best, the food was the best, the people were the best! We had a lot of fun and I’ve met so many interesting people. There were so much new information about the world of translation for me. Such kinds of conferences are the best opportunity to find new friends and employers. And of course Norway is wonderful country with magnificent nature.

I want to say again thank you to Anne-Marie and Cecilia for this great opportunity, it was the best birthday present for me. Moreover, I’ve never celebrated my birthday in such cool way.

Hope to see you again!


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