Keynote Speaker 2020

We are super excited to once again welcome Magnus Lindkvist as this year’s keynote speaker. Magnus will deliver a thought provoking speech with the intriguing title “F**k the Future”.

”Vision 2020” used to mean a bright, shiny place where all our dreams come true.  Today, it means wearing a face mask and maintaining a 2 meter distance from other people.
The Future failed. What do we do now? Magnus Lindkvist’s talk at NTIF 2020 will be an anti-futurist talk where he reinvents the entire concept of what future-thinking is, should be and could be. Prepare to be inspired by a Mille Feuille of ideas spanning from pop culture and Nobel-prize winning inventions to business case-studies and the many merits of hating your team members (yes, you read that right).

Magnus Lindkvist is a Swedish lecturer, trend spotter and futurologist. He is author to the books Everything we know is wrong (2009) and The Attack of the Unexpected (2010). In 2009, he was named Speaker of the Year in Sweden by Talarforum.

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